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How to try the educational methods
of the school of achievements

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For whom the project
  • For teachers, schools and universities
    With "Compass" : Help in checking the world of future professions. Get an easy and interesting training for professional choice. Bring understanding of the importance of learning and getting new skills. Increase the team work level.

    With challenges: Develop soft skills of your students. Check out their level within their age group. Compete with other schools and enter the leaderboard. Get experience in a new type of contests.
  • For parents and children
    With "Compass" : Find out the importance of a life balance, give a hand in choosing the profession, orientate in the grown-up life.

    With challenges: Explore the abilities of your kid, check his competitive level, develop soft skills, get lots of joy from intellectual team games and get new achievements.
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The Achievement School Team
  • Vadim Polyuga
    Turns the boring into the interesting
    Master's degree in Pedagogy and Psychology. Head of the i3.school of achievements, which has been a leadership project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives since 2005. President of the Dueling Fencing Federation. Two higher educations - Faculty of Mechanics and Physical Education. Co-founder of the English-language master's program in Big Data at NSU. Participated in organizing startup gas pedals in Russia and was a tracker for FRII. Head of the Khoroshkola gymnasium in 2017. In 2018, participated in the design core of the "Digital Platform for Personalized Education in School" of the Sberbank Foundation "Contribution to the Future". In 2018, he managed projects at Innopraktika. Curator of the Preactum Cup technology track. Chief of the Young Presidents' Organization educational track in Russia. Expert in the field of system changes in the educational process: gamification, BigData, accounting automation and ERP, educational innovations.
  • Ekaterina Bredikhina
    Helps to find effective routes to the goal
    Game Technician Methodologist. Specialist in game-based learning, licensed trainer and scrum master, author of the course on eduScrum.
  • Dmitry Rubin
    Turning dreams into projects
    Winner of 9 international startup competitions. Top 7 young entrepreneurs in the world according to EO and YPO. Member of YPO Legacy. Author of more than 20 scientific articles and three patents. He is able to tell in an accessible way why to study and how to realize the dream.
  • Peter Knopf
    Not backing down and not giving up
    Game designer, game technician, i3.school coordinator. Leader of educational and patriotic programs of the "Forpost" House of Youth (St. Petersburg). Instructor of children and youth tourism. Head of the European Fencing Studio.
Our experience in Russia
Contribution of the Nota Bene team and the i3.school project to social and educational innovations:

The leadership project of the Strategic Initiatives Agency
Finalist of the SOLi Center for Promotion of Social Innovation
Winner of the ASI contest in the category "Mentorship in Education and Circle Art".
Contribution to the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi
A team of students with i3 mentors won first place in the Preaktum Cup, a nationwide competition of school projects
Acknowledgement from the 6th Skolkovo School of Project Activities Mentors for the organization of the training events
Acknowledgement from the Association of Pedagogical Contest Participants for organizing a track to increase motivation for professional development
Acknowledgement from the organizers of the Interregional Management Conference for the training on personnel recruitment, assessment and development and HR project management.
Acknowledgement from the Foundation for Internet Initiatives Development for the participation in developing the project tracking methodology
Letter of Gratitude for the organization of the IT-Workshop at the Center for Financial Technologies
Acknowledgement from the rector of NSU for the organization and conducting of the conference Development of Specialized Engineering Education in Modern School
Certificate from ASI confirming the competence of "Foresight thinking in the development of new tools for career guidance for high school students
Certificate of participant of the round-table conference "Scientific and Methodological Support of Engineering and Technology Special Classes" in Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University
Certificate of participant of the conference "Breakthrough to the Future" with the topic "Game as the Basis of Education in the 21st Century" from Novosibirsk Institute of Monitoring and Development of Education
FRII Certificate "Teaching Internet Entrepreneurship"
Certificate of participant of the regional stage of the 13th International Fair of Social and Pedagogical Innovations
The Presidential Grants Foundation supported the series of online intensives "Star Challenge", which teach distance learning
The Foundation for Assistance to Innovations supported the development of i3.Socrat to help students and teachers
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Head of the i3 School of Achievement
Vadim Olegovich Polyuga
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